Smart Contract Tools

A suite of AI-supported tools for developing smart contracts, aiding developers in creating more efficient and secure contracts.

Token Builder

An AI-powered tool allowing users to create custom tokens on on different blockchains by adjusting various parameters.

Blockchain Development Kit

A collection of AI-enhanced resources and tools for developing blockchain applications and projects.

Satoshi Chatbot

An intelligent AI-driven chatbot that answers cryptocurrency-related questions, assisting users in navigating the world of crypto.

NFT Image Generator

An AI-powered tool for creating unique digital artworks as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be traded on the blockchain

Smart Contract Auditor

An AI-driven tool for auditing and analyzing smart contracts to identify and address potential vulnerabilities and security issues.

Revenue generated from Nakamoto AI will be utilized for buybacks and burns.
Please note that these features are still in development.